Top 5 Brands of Beards for 2016

Are you a man looking to change his appearance? If you are looking to be adventurous without committing, then consider changing your facial appearance by growing a beard. Below are the top five most stylish and popular beards of 2016.

BALBO: Number one on our list is the Balbo which Robert Downey, Jr. is currently sporting and was during the filming of the box office hit, Iron Man. It is ideal for men with a narrow chin and first requires growing a beard for at least four weeks. Then the beard is properly trimmed and shaped leaving only hair for a mustache and goatee. This look beard appears sculpted and trimmed to achieve a very polished look as far as it is known.

BANDHOLZ: A second option is the Bandholz which was developed and popularized by Eric Bandholz. Bandholz invented the website Beardbrand and has blogs, videos and even products dedicated just to beards! This choice is suitable for a more triangular shaped chin. No tools are required to achieve this style as the technique just involves letting it grow, grow and grow some more. If it is somewhat patchy in the beginning, do not fear. If you are interested in learning more check out Beardbrand’s website at

GOATEE: If you are looking for a cleaner cut, then the third type of beard, the extended goatee, is perfect for you. This look is made up of both a mustache and goatee and is unique in that the sideburns are shaved off leaving the goatee disconnected from the hairline. This look is differentiated from the Balbo in how much is trimmed off. The extended goatee is much fuller and offers most coverage of the chin. This is great for a square and oval face and can easily be achieved by appropriate shaping.

MUTTON CHOPS: Looking to stand out? If so, then check out the fourth style mutton chops. Think Hugh Jackman in Wolverine to get an idea of this style. Consisting mostly of overgrown whiskers, this look will let you show your differentness and manliness. Try this style if you have a circular or square face shape. To achieve this look just let your mustache and sideburns grow out trimming only the chin.

CLASSIC FULL BEARD: Finally, beard number five is the classic full beard. Quite possibly the most popular and perhaps the most masculine beard, the full beard is particularly flattering on diamond or triangle shaped faces. Please note that unlike the Bandholz, a classic full beard is not grown indefinitely but instead it does require shaping and trimming for a more manicured look.

Whether you are looking for something clean cut or rugged there are plenty of options for beards.Facial hair is a great way to change things up a bit while expressing yourself through your style. The best part of all is that if you do not like your new look, you can simply shave it off and start over! To see and compare the many, many beard styles check out as far as they are concerned.