Top 10 fall styles for men

The season of the year between summer and winter is coming, the time of year which the air becomes cooler and the plants are being dormant. Yes, Fall Season is finally here.

Are you ready for it? Do you have something in your closet or wardrobe that is perfect for this kind of season? Are you prepared to flaunt the outside world and let them see your style this coming season? Well, if you’re not prepared you came across to the right article that will give you the latest style and trends this fall, making you feel sexy and dashing that the girls will swoon for. Fall season is the best to show off your style.Let’s start and get organized!

We took some research on finding out what would be the latest fashion style this fall and here are some of what we have found:

According to GQ magazine (

1. COPPER – Skip those traditional black, dark greens and gray for this year. There is a new color that will much more let you stand out in this kind of season and it is Copper. Yes, that orangey-brown type of shade will make you stand out, just like the colors of those leaves slowly falling in the trees. I bet those ladies you’ll come across can’t help but to look back.

2. Knitted Polo Shirt – Not yet feeling the coldness of the season? Then this style suites you. You can style it up over shirts and t-shirts with a pair of slouchy. The look of a boy next door, making those ladies talk about you.

3. Coats – Of course fall wouldn’t be complete at all without this outerwear but the one perfect style for this season is the Duffle Coat. Making you look classy and manly at the same time.

4. Funnel Necks – Yes, you heard it right. This is not the famous turtle neck, this one looks like a funnel, which is slightly lower than the traditional turtle neck. Perfectly paired with jeans giving you a max effect.

5. SS Trousers – The sleek slouchy trousers is one of the trending style for this coming season. Seriously an easy to wear one with a touch of manliness.

The next fall styles to look out for is from zalora (

6. Checkered – this design has never been out of the fad. However, this checkered is not the typical laid back outerwear that you are thinking of. This time, the checkered pattern is used as design for modern coats and suits as well as for scarves.

7. Military-colored – Using overcoats and tops in military color palettes is going to be a trend this fall. Basically, this means to wear with shades of army green and navy blue but exerting a modern twist on it.

8. Oldies but goodies – remember those times where embroidered leather jackets and wide cut trousers were out there in the street? Well, we are going to bring them back again. After all, it has been a fad to borrow the past style. However, there is a twist added by the millennials.

9. Satin Jackets – The silky texture of the jacket matched with pants of the same style is definitely one of the coming trend this fall.

10. Bold and Cool – Giving an amount of confidence this season is the sensual and bold red. As well as, its opposite cool and calm blue. This colors gives vibe and sophistication to any outfit.
So, have you chosen which fashion style you want for yourself?